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EoN: An indefinite and very long period of time or a power existing from eternity.

I chose the name because it resonated with me, a long lasting business and brand is what I hope to build for myself and my customers.

EoN Boutique was started up in 2014 by myself Emma Lynch (Aquarius, animal lover, gamer and fashion lover) with the idea of affordable luxury in mind. I wanted to create a place where people could have a luxury shopping experience, with beautiful high quality jewellery and gorgeous packaging without the price tag. I wanted to supply beautiful jewellery that is on trend, but cannot be found on the high street. I made this dream a reality with the help of a small web design company called Swift Web http://swiftweb.ie/ which is run by Robert Dillon and a graphic designer named Joe Lynch.

I believe people shop for emotional reasons, sometimes it’s less about the accessory and more about how you feel when you put it on. EoN Boutique can be necklace that makes your outfit perfect, it could be the earrings that make the mummy feel yummy, EoN Boutique can be that little something extra that makes you look in the mirror at yourself and feel confident. After all there’s nothing quite like leaving the house and knowing you look good, it puts an extra bounce in your step for the day!


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